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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get AmyEdit from CVS?

To compile the CVS sources, you'll need up-to-date versions of the various GNU tools. Namely, automake-1.9, autoconf-2.59, autoheader and libtool. Then to get the sources type:

cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P amyedit

When they're finished downloading, go into the newly created amyedit-main directory and run


Which may give you a few warnings, however if it completes successfully, then you should be able to install amyedit with:

make install


Isn't AmyEdit a bit pointless? Why not just use gedit?

AmyEdit is being designed to run on a fairly old laptop, (a P300 with 64 MB of RAM), running gedit on this is painfully slow, even after the 30 second startup time has elapsed.

I'd like to see this new feature in AmyEdit, will you put it in?

Maybe, it depends. AmyEdit is supposed to be lightweight so, I may put it in, I might not :), although suggestions are always welcomed!

If there are a number of things you want to see, you might want to try Winefish. It is a LaTeX editor with many more features also written using Gtk. Alternatively try Kile for a KDE LaTeX editor.

I've found a Bug! What should I do?

Ideally, check it hasn't already been fixed in CVS, if it hasn't write a patch and send it to me!

If you aren't a programmer or don't have time, then please send me an email to let me know about the problem!