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A Gtkmm LaTeX Editor

AmyEdit is a LaTeX editor written to allow users to easily create LaTeX documents in a simple, user friendly environment. Its main requirement is that it remains lightweight whilst still having a large number of useful features.


02 February 2007
It's been a while, but I've updated the website a little bit, hope you like it. gtksourceviewmm is now being maintained by Dodji Seketeli. It is now at
02 April 2006
gtksourceviewmm library released. This is a testing release. Be careful and don't play with matches or run with scissors. Oh, and AmyEdit is now hosted by the wonderful people at contextshift.
14 March 2006
AmyEdit 1.0 Released. This is the first release in the AmyEdit-1 series
19 November 2005
This site has been updated to xhtml-1.0 strict.
12 November 2005
Not dead yet!, lots of updates in CVS and a new version should be up soon, also there's now a quick FAQ in the new documentation section.
28 April 2005
AmyEdit 0.9 Released, CVS is now up! AmyEdit available in gentoo portage
12 March 2005
AmyEdit 0.8 Released
06 February 2005
AmyEdit 0.7 Released
31 January 2005
AmyEdit 0.6 Released