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Rob's Development Corner

This is the main page for all my development work

Current Projects

um zu sync

It's a backup tool that utilises the inotify linux kernel module so that files can be updated as soon as they are modified without the need for polling

Stuff I've done in the past


A LaTeX editor written to allow users to create LaTeX documents in a simpler, user friendly environment. It aims to reamin lightweight whilst still having a number of useful features

Zenity Mv

A super simple script that just copies all the files in a directory from somewhere, to somewhere else, displaying a progress bar as it goes.

xpdf session

A little session management thing for xpdf as Amy seems to have far too many pdfs open, and always panicks and writes their names down on paper when she's done, I'm a little worried this may turn her pdf management into a similar state as her firefox tabs (she has 6 rows!) but we'll see... and hopefully I'll be able to control this a bit more :D


Funky Space Game

Wasn't Xenon great? I plan to write a xenon like game, but only in the flying around and getting ship upgrades sense... It will I imagine grow into something fairly hefty if I ever get round to starting it.